Get writing that works.

Fortune 500 companies deploy my distinctive one-two punch of laser-beam logic and creative mojo to get more leads, drive sales conversations, and inspire their internal teams. Use my powerful writing abilities to take your B2B sales and marketing programs to the next level.

Get the content you need, fast.

I thrive under impossible deadlines and unrealistic expectations. My giant throbbing brain can absorb and digest massive amounts of background material and deliver targeted messaging in the time it takes most copywriters to make their morning coffee.

Hire Matt Fontaine, Seattle B2B and enterprise technology writer.

White papers

Position your company as a thought leader and gather leads like nobody’s business. With dozens of white papers under my belt, I can  translate the lofty brilliance of your house geniuses into a hard-hitting story that goes down easy and gets your prospects calling.

Demo videos

Communicate the value of your product, service, or solution using online video, the fastest-growing marketing medium going. I write scripts in close collaboration with production personnel to create videos with massive marketing impact.

Web content

Even in an image-obsessed world, the right words make a measurable difference to online marketing results. I work with your SEO consultant to boost your rank while creating content real humans actually want to read.

Sales materials

From internal documents such as battlecards and go-to-market strategy decks to effective customer leave-behinds, my writing can help your sales program take flight.