Your most powerful marketing tool

The words on your website should be driving bottom-line results. In B2B and enterprise technology marketing, your audience is educated, intelligent, and discerning. Your site needs content that grabs their attention, establishes your brand, and compels them to leap into the sales funnel. At the same time, establishing trust and competence is crucial. The over-the-top tactics consumer brands use to generate interest don’t always fly in a B2B setting.

I understand how to create strong online voice that distinguishes your brand without embarrassing your CEO. By translating complex solutions into tangible customer benefits, the web copy I write positions your company as the go-to thought leader from sentence one. Whether you need a campaign landing page or a full corporate megasite with hundreds of pages, your prospects will read, remember, and act.

SEO is for suckers

In the old days of, say, five years ago, you could actually get results by splattering keywords across your website like fluorescent paint on an 80s hair-metal LP sleeve. Not any more. Search engines get smarter every day, and “smarter” means they favor content human beings might actually read. The value of “gaming the system” through meta-shenanigans and keyword stuffing continues to decline. And while video and images are great marketing tools, search engines still don’t really know what to make of them.

What you really need to rise in the rankings is lots of compelling written content that naturally incorporates the right keywords for your audience and generates traffic and links. If your readers love it, search engines will smile, too (or whatever they do when they’re happy—some kind of “ping” noise, I expect).

Want to find out how great content can naturally optimize your search engine rankings? Use the form to contact me or call 206-661-2306.


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