An essential weapon in your B2B marketing arsenal

White papers have become a ubiquitous tool for enterprise technology marketing. They are also used in B2B marketing efforts across a wide range of industries. Any time you have something of value to communicate to your customers that goes deeper than a brochure, a white paper might be the answer. I have written white papers for software and hardware vendors, insurance companies, construction firms–even accountants.

I am an experienced Seattle white paper and I can help you position your company as a thought leader, communicate the value of your products and solutions and–most importantly–make your prospects want to know more.

Quality content, created fresh from scratch

I can write a white paper on virtually any topic by working with your team of marketing professionals and subject matter experts. To craft an effective white paper, I start by working with project stakeholders to identify audience, technical depth, and success metrics. Typically, I produce an outline at this stage, which is reviewed and approved by the core team. Then, I interview subject matter experts, read client-provided background materials, and perform research to support the white paper content.

Sometimes discoveries are made at this stage which suggest modifications to the overall narrative; in any case, telling a readable, memorable story is always the goal even with the most technical papers. After the first draft is finished, it goes through a process of reviews and revisions to ensure it meets your needs and those of your audience, as well as for technical accuracy.

The secret to a great white paper: don’t be boring

While white papers are marketing pieces, they aren’t brochures. They should do more than just tout your solution. It helps to think of a white paper as a gift you are giving to your readers. When they finish reading it, they should feel like their time was well-spent. Here are some great ways to do this:

  • Tell them something they don’t already know
  • Give them a fresh perspective on insustry issues
  • Highlight original research or put a new spin on existing data
  • Help them solve a business problem

Using tactics like these, you not only promote your offering, you position your company as a leader and trusted adviser. Want to know more? Use the form at the left to contact me or call 206-661-2306.